German Military

Kosovo is a Muslim territory near Belgrade. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia. The Bosnian government trades in mark. The East German mark was worth less than the West German mark. It's controversial about German trade through the Balkans. There are several military academies in Germany's eastern provinces. Brandenburg and Sachsen are German provinces. Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg and Dresden is the capital of Sachsen. It's interesting about any radio signals sent between Dresden and Sarajevo. Caracas sits on the Venezuelan Basin. There are tank driving schools south of Caracas. It's not clear about any tanks traded through the Venezuelan Basin. There are historical anecdotes about Senegal and Kosovo. Senegal recognized Kosovo as an independent nation. There are routes to Sarajevo from the Caribbean Sea. It's possible that German merchants travel to Havana from Bosnia by way of Senegal.

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